Formula 1 in Schools


What is Formula 1 in Schools?

You are a Formula 1 team commissioned to design, construct and race the fastest Formula one car of the future, powered by compressed air cylinders.

  1. Form a team – form a team of 3 – 6, think of a name, decide job roles; Team Manager, Manufacturing Engineer, Design Engineer, Graphic Designer and Resource Manager.  Now register for regional finals.
  2. Business and Sponsorship – plan and prepare a business plan, develop a budget and raise sponsorship.  Teams are encouraged to collaborate with industry and create business links.
  3. Design – using 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, design an F1 car of the future to the specifications set by the International Rules Committee just like in Formula One™.
  4. Analyse – aerodynamics are analysed for drag coefficiency in a virtual wind tunnel using Computational Fluid Dynamics Software (CFD).
  5. Make – using 3D CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) software, the team evaluates the most efficient machining strategy to make the car.
  6. Test – aerodynamics are tested in wind and smoke tunnels.
  7. Pit Booth – put together an informative display showing your work through all stages of the project.  Think about your team identity.
  8. Scrutineering – cars are submitted to Parc Ferme where the judges scrutinize every dimension to check they comply with the Rules and Regulations.
  9. Engineering Judging – judges question teams on how their cars has been manufactured and why particular designs were chosen.
  10. Verbal Presentation – prepare a presentation to perform to a panel of judges covering all aspects of the challenge.  This will be completed within a set time limit.
  11. Portfolio Judging – put together two 10 page A3 portfolios, one enterprise portfolio (documenting your buisness strategy) and one engineering portfolio (documenting the construction of your car).
  12. Race – time to track test what your team has worked so hard together to achieve a winning car.

2017-2018 Teams

Click for more information on Team Optimum

Click for more information on Team Spiro


2016-2017 Teams

Team Mako in Silverstone for the Nationals

Team Surge
Best engineered car, and best Team identity! Well done team Surge

Team Illusion

Well done team illusion. Won innovation award and judges recommendation!


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