Humanities is designed to combine elements from History, Geography, RE, Citizenship and PSHE, whilst maximising opportunities to develop other valuable cross-curricular skills. It allows them to be taught in such a way that links and connections are evident, thereby enabling pupils to develop a more rounded understanding of the world we live in, but also promoting a more interdisciplinary approach both amongst staff and pupils alike. In addition, elements of Citizenship and PHSE are incorporated into the programme of study as appropriate through the year, Careful attention is paid to ensure that all requirements of the National Curriculum are adhered to.

Pupils in Year 5 are taught largely by their form tutors, and as they move up into Year 6 they are able to access teaching from specialists in the field, placing them in good stead for the more focussed approach of the separate teaching of foundation subjects in KS3.



Autumn Term
Local journeys
• Anglo-Saxons and Vikings
• Northern Saints
• The local area
• Community spirit
• Recycling

Autumn Term
•Locating India
•The Indus Valley Civilisation
•Rivers and flooding
•The work of charities

Spring Term
European journeys
• Mountains
• Ancient Greece
• Influential figures
• Travel and tourism

Spring Term
The legacy of Rome
• Crime and punishment - how has this changed in Britain since the Roman times?
• Italy - an exploration of the features of modern Italy
• Christianity - who was responsible for the death of Jesus?

Summer Term
World journeys
• Jamaica and the Caribbean
• Baghdad - a 9th century world city
• Buddhism

Making choices
• Vandalism
• The Bible
South America
• Brazil
• The Maya