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Hope some of you caught our Live Streaming broadcast earlier today. If not you will soon get a chance to see the finished program.

Pupil Comments:
I have really enjoyed doing the news report because It has been a great experience and I have had a lot of fun, there is loads of different things that you could do, I got to be a weather girl which I found really fun. I would definitely recommend to the next year 8 to do it.

I have really enjoyed today and I have learnt a lot of things about journalism. I think it was really funny being filmed on a live stream. I think anyone should put their name down because your will learn a lot and have a great day. bethxxx

I have very much enjoyed taking part in the BBC School News Report. It has been very fun and a good experience to have. This is because you get to see how a journalists or reporters job works and how pressurised it is. Also I have had a laugh whilst working. This experience builds up your confidence in public speaking and for later life. Thank you to Miss Horsman and Mr Rowdan for organising this activity. Charlotte

We have worked hard all day to meet a deadline of 2:30pm. The day has been stressful but very fun and has been an amazing opportunity. Emma-

Pupils at Valley Gardens Middle School, have been working very hard all days since 8:15 this morning to meet the deadline by 2:30. Me and my group have been working on the all-weather pitch that is currently being constructed at the moment but sadly we have had some technical difficulties, thankfully though are report it is all complete with no problems. I have really enjoyed the day and have loved being involved in the BBC school news report. It has been a wonderful experience. Ellie-

Hi next year BBC school news reporters,
Today, I, with 23 fellow Year 8s, have been working hard since 8:15a.m. to complete the BBC School News Report for VGMS. We had been creating reports beforehand but today was all about editing, checking and finishing as well as producing some more quick stories with todays news! We worked almost without a break to meet the 2:30p.m. deadline with only a 15 minute break for lunch! My team experienced technical difficulty after technical difficulty and we, unfortunately, lost a lot of our footage and found some after we had submitted our story that was so frustrating! However, we still managed to pull together a good report about the all-weather pitch being built beside the school. Even though I spent most of the day feeling stressed, I loved being involved! Everyone cheered each other along so, with many laughs, we finished our news programme by the deadline and sat back to watch the bloopers and the finished project!
Heres some advice, now: dont get stressed when things dont work out Im sure it will be all right! Good luck!
Emilie. x

I have really enjoyed the BBC schools report. I was lucky enough to be on the sports desk with Charlotte. We decided on stories and wrote a script. We did our first recording
It went well but after some consideration we decided we needed to change by adding a few stories to do with the school. This was easy as our school has a big range of sports teams. We interviewed some of the year 6 football squad and talked about dancing in school. We rerecorded the in studio desk links and I personally thought it went really well!
If I was to give tips to a future year 8 pupil I would definitely recommend taking part with the report because you get to spend times with others, and be in charge without the teachers telling us what to do. Obviously the teachers helped us a bit so Id like to thank Miss Horseman and Mr Rowden for their efforts, and also thank everyone who took part. I would love to take part in something like this again, but if I did I would do even more preparations before the day. I worked most lunchtimes for a whole week before, but it has still been a rush on the actual day.
So to conclude;
Id recommend this to anyone else,
Id do it again myself,
I would prepare EVEN more &
Id Ive enjoyed every minute!