At Valley Gardens, we strive to make sure our pupils are happy in school and feel safe. In order to do this we have a support network that pupils can call upon if they experience any difficulties. This network involves the form tutors and heads of year who are very experienced in addressing issues that pupils face. The vast majority of parental inquiries and complaints can be dealt with directly by this team. Details of the pastoral teams are below :

Head of Year 5: Karen Ferguson

5CB Emma Campbell / Joanne Twizell

5DB Thomas Dibden

5HK Sarah Harker / A Goel

5HW Helena Walsater

5MW Deborah McMorrow / Joanne Twizell

5SN Gill Sinclair


Head of Year 6:  Jonathan Roys

6BK Sarah Brunskill

6CH  Dawn Charlton

6HS Natalie Horsman

6HY Helen Heaney

6MH Paul MacIntosh

6OR Helen Orchard


Head of Year 7: Neil Wallbank

7BR Fiona Bradley

7HL Sarah Hill

7KN Rachel Knowles/Kate Grimshaw

7MY Jo Murray

7OL Phil Oliver

7VC Sarah Vickers


Head of Year 8: Kristian Grundy

8BU Sean Burnside

8DR Nyima Drayang

8FA David Fairlamb

8GB Scott Gibson

8KE Lynn Kerr

8SC Vicky Scurfield