Year 8 pupils travel to Italy for their Ski Adventure…

Italy Ski Venture 2013

We left the school and arrived at the Leeds/Bradford airport after a reasonably fast journey. After waiting in the airport and then eating all our lunch next to the check in desk we then drank all our water which in hindsight wasn’t the best idea because we all needed the toilet, but we carried on through the security check. We all then congregated in the burger king seats when we were in the duty free section, we then browsed through the shops and bought some drinks and then we bought some sweets in case we got hungry on the plane. The plane was fast and everyone sat next to their friends once in flight, the plane flight mainly consisted of people chatting and listening to music so the 2 hours flight went quickly.

After arriving and everyone quickly and successfully getting their bags we climbed onto the classy German bus (much nicer than the English). We spent 5 and a half hours on the bus and luckily the bus was really comfortable so I managed to sleep but I don’t think anyone else did. After about 3 hours of the journey though everyone was desperate for the toilet, we then after what seemed like years arrived at a service station and everyone stocked up and went to the toilet.

At about 6:45 (German time) we all “attempted” to get up and get about half dressed after going down to breakfast at 7:15 am. Around half an hour later everyone had finished their breakfast and we all went back up stairs to finish getting ready. The train arrived at 8:00 but because no one was ready we let it pass and hopped on the next one about 45 minutes later. In that time everyone got ready, put the ski boots on which I might add are incredibly tight and we finally after waiting about 20 minutes got onto the train and we rode up to the ski resort which had beautiful views.

After climbing off the train (which is a car/train if you know what I mean) we put gathered our skis and poles and we got a bubble lift up to the slopes. The view from the lift was spectacular and the lift itself was so peaceful and even people with height phobias enjoyed it, I know this because I hate heights but you wouldn’t realise how peaceful it truly was until you try it yourself but all I will say is it was spectacular.

Finally after getting to the slopes we separated off into groups, basically advanced and beginner (I was a beginner) then after skiing in ski school for 2 and a half hours in ridiculously hot heats we had lunch in a café at about 2200 feet high. Lunch was delicious and I and everyone else really enjoyed it and the 1 hour break.

We then went skiing for another 2 and a half hours and after that shall I say “intense” workout we headed back down the slope in the bubble lift and then headed back to the hotel after handing our skis back. At the hotel we all showered, undressed into our night cloths, finished unpacking and added our helmets to the wardrobe.

We then got our banking money for the day and went out into town for about an hour with our friends and bought LOTS of food and drinks and I’m not exaggerating there.

Then at 7:20 we had tea which I thought was again delicious and cooked perfectly. Finally our night from about 9:00-11:00 was spent listening to karaoke and some (mainly Jake, Olga, Erin, Alex and Luke) singing. I’m not saying they were bad but… Well you can work out the rest.

We then got to bed at about 12:00 and we all tired to go to sleep to be ready for the next day. Team Blizzard

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