Show Racism The Red Card

6Gb had a brilliant trip to St James’ park on Monday. We attended a special workshop called ‘Show

Racism the Red Card’ which was aimed at helping pupils to understand, discuss and develop their

awareness of the issue of racism in our society.

Now in its’ 20 th year, Show Racism the Red Card has become a very successful and high profile

project which has been delivered to thousands of children nationwide.

The pupils watched a special film in which many top footballers and managers described how they

had been the victims of racial abuse at home and abroad and how it made them feel.

There were strong messages throughout the whole workshop of zero tolerance, telling someone if

you have been a victim and reducing ignorance through education.

The highlight of the afternoon was a question and answer session with a panel of special guests

including first team players from the current Newcastle United squads as well as past players. Look

at the photographs and see who you can spot! The pupils were challenged to think of the best

question for the panel. Alvina won the prize for our school; her question was poignant, brave and

very thoughtful. Her prize was 2 match day tickets and a signed T-Shirt. You will have to catch up

with her in school to find out what she asked. The other questions asked by the pupils demonstrated

how much they had taken on board these important messages and how much they had been

affected by the workshop.

All the pupils received a signed poster and a goodie bag. Mr Godfrey and I were very impressed the

conduct of the pupils and their mature approach to this difficult topic. They were a credit to the