Team Invictus F1 in schools

Team Invictus started out their journey at industrial cadets where they learnt crucial skills for this competition. The team consisted of Tony Dalziel, Amelia Titterton and Sam Heaney. They needed another team member so Bethany Robson joined. After gaining sponsors, finishing the car and completing the portfolio; they were ready to race and present at regionals. After a long day of competing against other teams across the north east they came 2nd and got the innovative thinking award. They then had to prepare for a national final which was only a month away. The team got to work designing the car but then realised they needed a team member just for the manufacturing of the car so Tom Hamilton joined the team. The team got to work testing and manufacturing the car where they tested various materials and designs. After three weeks of designing our final car went a down a 20 metre track in 1.118 seconds. They then gained great sponsors and continued finishing the engineering portfolio. In addition, the team had trouble with the cars weight and regulations but ploughed through it getting a light weight and innovative design. On top of the portfolio the team had to perform a presentation that consisted of detailed explanations of what they did and how they did it in under eight minutes. They worked with great sponsors such as LL Promotions who helped the team have a great team identity and range of merchandise. Finally the competition was getting closer and the team packed their bags ready for three days at Silverstone. The team had a six hour bus journey to the event where they got ready for the event the next day. On the day the team moral was great and everyone had gained great experience. Team Invictus done extremely well and received yet again the innovative thinking award because of there great design. the team came 2nd place overall making them national champions but they were not going through to world finals in Austin Texas. The team were less than a miller metre from winning and being crowned 1st place. The team would like to thank all their great mentors and sponsors for example Les, Hollie, George, Rhys and Dean from NAC group for helping the team get so far and develop a almost wining car. There main sponsors were First Class Supply who helped them financially and LL Promotions who helped with the teams identity.

They feel that they have tried their best and are very happy with the final result they were given. If they could do the competition again they would make sure to check the specifications more often as that let them down at Nationals. However they have all made friends with each other and gained new skills through the process of the competition.

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