Labelling a house in GermanLearning a Foreign Language is not just about learning how to speak French or how to speak German. We in the Department of Modern Languages believe that learning a Foreign Language is an important life skill that helps pupils to develop key skills in a number of areas, such as;

• communication and linguistics; including the exploration of links between the Modern Foreign Language aspects of the English language;
• learning methods, such as phonics, thinking skills and analytical processes;
• the development of social and cultural awareness.

This is achieved by building pupils’ self-confidence in an encouraging and motivating learning environment, where a caring ethos is adopted in the learning experience of each pupil.

French is taught to all pupils throughout the school. In Key Stage 2 the emphasis is on communication in the classroom, problem-solving and building a firm foundation of key vocabulary and phrases in preparation for Key Stage 3. The North Tyneside Pathfinder syllabus for Primary French is used in Years 5 & 6. Pupils are introduced to Francophone countries and customs and encouraged to explore the ideas of stereotypes, tolerance and developing a positive attitude towards other cultures.
In Key Stage 3 pupils are encouraged to be more independent in their learning and to become more creative in their use of language, exploring different and more complex grammars and syntax in both verbal and written form. Use of ICT is built into topic areas where appropriate and interactive whiteboards, I-pads and netbooks are used creatively in all MFL classrooms.

All Year 8 pupils follow a course of German. This introduces pupils to a language from a different linguistic family to French, offering the opportunity to explore and develop thinking skills and rules of grammar in a new context.

The emphasis in the department is on real language for real purposes. To this end we have pupils engaged in e-link exchanges with pupils in French and German schools. Pupils are also encouraged to take part in the enrichment activities we offer as a Department, such as our popular MFL Pop-up cinema day, where pupils create their own Foreign Language Films at the Tyneside Cinema, our annual participation in the International Festival of Culture at Newcastle University and the various Language Competitions we run as a Department throughout the year. In addition we offer a selection of extra-curricular language clubs, focussing on Italian, German and Spanish. We offer all pupils the opportunity to take part in visits to France, Germany and Spain.

The Modern Foreign Languages Department has gained the Gold Standard of the North Tyneside Primary Languages Quality Mark, in recognition of the teaching and learning opportunities awarded to our pupils.


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