Curriculum Intent

Music is a unique way of communicating that can inspire and motivate pupils. At Valley Gardens Middle School our aim is to foster pupils’ sensitivity, understanding and enjoyment of music through an active involvement in activities that bring together the requirements of performing, composing, listening and appraising.

Each class receives one music lesson per week taught by a subject specialist in a block of classrooms which are fully equipped with a good range of high quality classroom instruments.

Music Department Curriculum Maps

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The Music Department wanted to welcome Laurie, our singing tutor, back after being on maternity leave. It's lovely to see her...I know the students are excited to get under way. #vgmsmusic

Year 6 have had great fun learning the pitches of the notes...and not in the usual way!! #vgmsmusic

Congratulations to Emma for her very first solo performance! She performed Bare Necessities on recorder in front of all of year 6 for the Headteachers Achieve Assembly and did a fantastic job. #vgmsmusic

The Bare Necessities was the piece our year 5's were treated to as part of their Headteachers Assembly. Surina, Ava, Rhona and Katie, who all have grade 1 descant recorder with merit, performed for us today. You did a great job girls, thank you! #vgmsmusic

Maddy began this years Headteacher Assemblies for year 8 with a confident performance of Zu Hause (a grade 4 ABRSM exam piece for descant recorder). Well done Maddy! #vgmsmusic

Thank you to Ella for starting our Achieve Assembly performances off. Ella played a beautiful piece by Purcell, one of her grade 5 pieces, for years 5 and 6. A moving performance - well done Ella! #vgmsmusic

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