We have been astounded by the results of our Erasmus+ KA2 Project with our partners in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, Portugal, Bulgaria and the UK. The benefits of the project will certainly be long lasting and have an impact on the school from many different angles.


  • The principal objective was to encourage children to use physical education, sport and cross curricular outdoor learning as a tool to motivate them to express themselves and be more confident and competent with speaking, reading and writing. Strategies were put in place to encourage greater engagement from boys, particularly in writing. We have worked collaboratively with our partners from Spain, Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria, Turkey, Portugal and UK (Cullercoats Primary) throughout the 3 years of the project.
  • The two main Intellectual Outputs resulting from the partnership are a Language Learning website containing a comprehensive resource bank and stimulating ideas around the development of language and communication skills and an Activ8 Movement to Music DVD.


  • Project has had a major impact on participants including specific target groups, partner schools, whole school staff, parents and the local community. Although we have witnessed at first hand excellent classroom practices in all schools, I believe that we have often taken on the lead role. Partners have been keen to absorb many of our ideas and use the differentiated resources that have been presented to them. We have all developed are ICT skills enormously using a variety of hardware to enhance the learning experience for pupils and network with fellow coordinators. Through a carefully thought out programme of activities there has been heightened enthusiasm and motivation among staff to develop literacy in school. Staff have developed language competence, visiting staff on STTTEs have endeavoured to use the target language in the classroom.


  • Others schools in the locality have been aware of our involvement in the project and have been keen to learn more about the successes and use ideas initiated by partner staff. Teachers have developed professionally in an atmosphere of mutual respect and many have been keen to learn more. Staff have been inspired to undertake research in teaching methodologies that they have been inspired by e.g. TGfU approach where pupils play modified games and make decisions (tactical awareness) in a collaborative way. Staff have learned how to ensure that their teaching is inclusive by using differentiated materials where all pupils are challenged. All schools have a greater understanding of the link between an active mind and improved academic performance and confidence. Teachers have been empowered to spread the good practice they have shared with their own school staff and to other institutions within the locality.


  • Comments made by staff “Being involved in the project has been an extremely informative and enlightening experience. Having had the opportunity to take part in visits to partner schools has enabled me to get a far better understanding of the shared values common to schools, children, and educators right across Europe, but also the particular challenges faced by some, which in turn gives a better awareness of one’s own situation and practices. It has been extremely enjoyable to see the gains made by the pupils in my own school who have benefited from taking part in something which develops their consciousness of their counterparts.” School and local community – unified the school and brought departmental heads closer together. We actually had a curriculum review and changed our curriculum to make it more coherent and logical for our learners. Working collaboratively we have focused on raising standards of literacy in all subjects and across all ages.


  • Our national tests results have improved dramatically in this regard. Enhancement of working relationships at school and with neighbouring schools sharing the messages from the project. Through a carefully constructed curriculum delivered by staff, using innovative and creative methods of teaching, pupils have been intrinsically motivated to achieve high standards. Although difficult to measure it is very clear that our pupils have become more competent and confident learners and this has been reflected in the progress they have made in all aspects of literacy across a wide range of subjects. Pupils have a thirst for learning. They are more appreciative of the value of regular vigorous exercise. The gains in pupils’ transversal skills will certainly make them more employable in the future. Parents have supported the school in many ways.


  • As project coordinator I worked out the total distance between each school in the partnership and then had a brain wave! I asked each partner school coordinator to encourage pupils, staff and parents to swim, cycle and or run in an Erasmus+ Triathlon Challenge. After completing an activity they had to sum up their feelings in 1 sentence. The response was absolutely amazing. Photos were sent in of parents finishing 10km runs, supporting their children – I received weekly totals from pupils who attended sports clubs after hours. The aim was for each country to contribute kilometres for us to reach 12,700 km. Cullercoats Primary organised their activities over the December and parents’ feedback was very positive as it meant their children got out of the house – they had a purpose. All of the partner schools have healthier and more active children.


  • The Activ8 DVD contains a series of progressive movement patterns created by all schools involved in the partnership. This resource will become available to ALL schools in North Tyneside pending permissions. We would encourage school sports leaders to learn the routines, break them down and deliver them to fellow pupils. It is to be hoped that schools use the resource as a springboard for pupils to have fun and create their own patterns. The majority of these sequences can be performed in the classroom whilst the pupils are behind the desk!


B A Smith

Head of PE/Project Coordinator








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